Do you have School Spirit, Scots?

Last week was spirit week at Highland High School. Students and teachers dressed up all week to show their school spirit. This year’s homecoming theme was “Pixar Palooza” and spirit week reflected it.

Monsters University Monday

PC: @hhscotscheer on IG. Left to right: Emily B, Logan J, Alyssa, Aliya R, Kaylie P.

Scots stayed studious and showed their college readiness by wearing college gear and dressing up in sorority and frat attire. Many students have already planned college visits and are narrowing down their list of schools. Financial aid, scholarships, and college applications are already open; Be sure to apply before it’s too late!

Toy Story Tuesday

A rare space creature spotting: Eins B. & Amaya Y. went all out!

Wednesday’s theme was cowboys vs. space creatures. Scots saddled up and took to space. Cowboys appeared to have significantly outnumbered space creatures. Perhaps the imbalance could be attributed to the high amount of agriculture here in Kern County. Regardless of the reason, cowboys brought home the bacon on Tuesday.

Whapow Wednesday!

PC: @all_scots_read & @thejbnshow on Instagram

Scots came to school dressed as their favorite superhero. Several math teachers banded together and came dressed as the Incredibles. Teachers reminded us that not all heroes wear capes. Ms. Karlen came dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who fought for gender equality as the second female supreme court justice. Ms. Chapman dressed in camo, reminding us of the people who protect our country. And, last but not least, Ms. Slagle dressed in plain clothes and wore a sign that simply read: “Mom.”

Up, Up and Away! Thursday

Kimberley P. and Sam A.C. all geared up!

Thursday was explorer and scout themed. Many wore adventurer-style hats and sported binoculars. Coincidentally, the ASVAB test was held in the library on the same day. Scots were exploring career possibilities.

Pixar Palooza Friday


In preparation for the rally and the game on Friday, Scotsmen wore green and blue or their “Pixar Palooza” shirts. In addition, many wore Highland shirts and hoodies. Football players and cheerleaders wore their respective uniforms.


This year’s spirit week saw a great amount of participation from both teachers and students with lots of scots dressing up throughout the week.

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