Rally it up Cowboys, It’s Homecoming

Photo Credit: JPM

ASB held a rally in the gym on Friday in preparation for the homecoming game against Independence High School later that day. The rally was hosted by ASB rally chairs Isaiah E. and Ava O. The rally was split into three sessions; this is new for Highland and it takes into account the largest freshman class we’ve ever had.


Students were sent to rally A, B, or C based on the location of their 2nd-period building. Our editorial team was put into the second rally, so just keep in mind that each rally varies ever so slightly. Coming into the gym, students received a warm welcome from the cheer squad and football team. The gym was filled with the sound of drums from the percussion ensemble as students entered. After everyone was situated, the rally opened with the national anthem sung beautifully by Jocelyn B.

Football Team

Nick H. undergoes a rolling stunt, trusting his teammates to swiftly jump over him.

Varsity football players storm in! Some introductions were made. The football team put on a captivating performance. This year’s performance was even more coordinated and more complex than those from years prior. 

“He bussin it down.” -Yunus A.

Air Tube Game

The first rally game was challenging. In this game, Scots had to pass along air tubes to the person ahead of them using only their legs whilst lying down. Then, move to the front of the line and repeat until the last person made it to the end. The teacher’s team consisted of Mr. McGrath, Mr. Raddatz, Mr. Matthew, and Ms. Slagle. Four participants from each class were selected. The teacher’s team was straggling behind and was quickly beaten by the Senior class.

Cheer Squad

The cheerleading team did a dance. The song, “Betty” by Yung Gravy was played in the background. The dance was well choreographed and received unprecedented cheering from the students.

“That was cute!” -Gaby M.

Homecoming Court

Tabitha G. and Trey M. prepare to waltz right into the spotlight.

This year’s homecoming court nominees make an entrance! 

  • Aliya and Aidan do a cheer stunt.
  • Brandon and Jocelyn bow.
  • Trey and Tabitha do a cheer stunt with a lift.
  • Isaiah and Ava enter with a twirl.

Nothing says royalty like good posture, so nominees were put to the test. The game went as follows: nominees were instructed to walk to their partner while balancing a book on their heads. The game progressively became more difficult as they added another book each time they switched places. The first couple to complete a walk with three books wins.

Aliya and Aidan were doing well until he was too tall for her to place the books on his head. Trey and Tabitha were announced winners of the contest. In response, Ava exclaimed, “It won’t be like that tonight, though!” Followed by, “Joking Joking!” Voting for the homecoming court closed Wednesday evening and winners were announced at the homecoming game on Friday.

As Many Post-Its As Possible

Isaiah and Steven share a wholesome high-five after Steven’s wicked demonstration.

For the next game, Scots had to stick as many post-its as possible to their body in a minute and a half. A quick thirty-second demo was given by Steven Cool. Two students from each class and four teachers were selected to participate. The winners were decided on a voice vote. Mr. Matthew and Mr. Gonzalez won along with the Junior class.


The rally finished off with the S-C-O-T-S-M-E-N chant and students returned to class, hyped for the game against Independence High School later that evening. All in all, ASB made this year’s homecoming rally fun and energetic.


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