Club Rush: A Guide to Speedrunning (Most) Every Club at Highland

Ah, Club Rush. An event where students and advisors fight tooth and nail for one thing: your signature of interest in their Club. Passionate students are lined up behind their tables ready to give anyone who shows even the slightest interest a rundown of their clubs. This year’s Club Rush featured both long-standing and new clubs alike. It was a hectic time for club leaders running their booths and an exciting experience for students looking to get involved.

Photo/Reporting Credits to Greg Payan and MJ Jimenez

Today, we’ve got covered:

  • Boys Tennis
  • Swim & Dive
  • Dance
  • Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
  • Fashion
  • Art
  • Red Cross
  • Campus Life
  • Black Student Union
  • Table-Top Games
  • Chess
  • Bible
  • Reach 4 Greatness
  • Academic Decathalon
  • Newspaper

And there were more we didn’t get the chance to talk to today! Definitely be sure to see our full list of clubs on the Highland Website.

Active Clubs at Highland

Are you looking to get your sport on, create bonds with teammates, or just let loose? 

While boys tennis is a spring sport, they are already looking to recruit the next prospective members. This cardio-heavy sport can be played in both single or duo matches. Members who play for the team say tennis is love, tennis is life!

The Highland Swim team puts emphasis on the environment they are able to create. All the swimmers give it their all to support each other during swim meets– it’s not uncommon to see a group of Highland students gathered at a single lane to cheer on their teammates. With a highly supportive atmosphere, the swim team creates lasting friendships– and lasting muscle-building your body will thank you for! The swim team is recruiting for the upcoming season– so contact Coach Hamilton in room 6G if interested!

The Dance Club focuses on creating inclusive spaces that encourage dancers to feel comfortable getting out of their comfort zones. They want to give students a mental break from being judged, to offer them a safe space that has that feel-good vibe. Located in 3-G, the dance team welcomes all with open arms!

Clubs Fostering Self-Expression!

Would you like to express yourself freely? These are the clubs for you!

The Highland GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance) is creating a safe space for LGBTQ+ students– so that they know they feel welcome at our school. Members have seen the impact this club has had on them and recognize it gives everyone inspiration to just be themselves. The sign-up sheet for the GSA asked for pronouns, how cool is that?!

The Fashion Club is new in the mix this year! They want to spread creativity in fashion and teach members new fashion skills to create their own unique pieces. At their booth, they had a rack of entirely original pieces and a mirror– students were really given the chance to envision themselves as Fashion Club members! Again, this club encourages members to express themselves through the unique pieces and ‘fits they wear.

The Art Club welcomes anyone who wants to express themselves creatively. By joining the club, students get to participate in the big street painting event– Via Arte– held in Downtown Bakersfield every fall. This open community allows students to really hone in on their time management and productive output as they all work towards a common goal– creative expression!

Community-Based Clubs

These clubs aim to make a positive impact in our community.

The American Red Cross club is founded on the principles of service– they want to get as many people involved in our community as possible. They believe that this helps with a student’s personal growth. Of course, joining this nationally-recognized organization also looks great on any student’s college application or resume!

Campus Life, advised by the wonderful Mr. Wykoff, helps students from different schools in the KHSD connect with each other. They tell us that it is a good opportunity to help students through rough times. Of course, the events that Campus Life hosts are tons of fun and wildly productive!

The Highland BSU (Black Student Union) supports Black culture and Black history at Highland! They take students on college field trips and have guest speakers talk to members. The BSU also aids students in scholarship and college applications. Open to anyone, the BSU is facilitating black student success by providing opportunities as well as a safe space for black students at Highland. Be sure to follow @ highland_BSU on Instagram!

Gaming Clubs

A good match is always rewarding!

The TTG club (Table-Top Game) proves that everyone can nerd out. They provide entertaining activities where you can meet new people. Many club members boast it has positively impacted them by nurturing personal growth. This lunchtime club is worth checking out– especially if you love Dungeons and Dragons.

The Chess Club introduces students to the game; no experience needed! By joining the club, you’ll grow to enjoy chess and meet new people along the way. Members take pride in the productivity of the club and being able to gain experience by playing with a wide range of people.

Affinity Clubs

Have you found your people?

The Bible Club is providing a community for Christian students. It is a great opportunity for those interested to learn about the Bible. 

Stay Focused “Reach 4 Greatness” is a nonprofit mentorship organization. They are also a religious-based group that aims to educate students by offering field trips and college application support.

Academic Clubs

Time to put some elbow grease in!

Academic Decathalon is a well-rounded experience that has you study and gain interest in various academic topics. These skills are transferable to your college life; especially as the club emphasizes time management. This years theme is the American Revolution– if you are interested to know more, talk to Mrs. Mayo in room 12A

And last but not least…

The Newspaper Club! We may be a bit biased, but this club is where it’s at! We go to school events, take photos, interview people, and spin the information into fully-fledged articles for student enjoyment! (aka, exactly what we did to create this article!) The club has just gotten started, if you’re interested in being a founding member, getting your event covered, or submitting your own work, please reach out to us on Instagram @ hhscotsnews

From spending time with all of these exceptional and admirable clubs, it seems they all share a common value: the need for inclusivity. You’ll see that every club aims to make its students feel valued, welcomed, and needed. Truly, there’s a club for everyone– which one will you join?

Greg P, Reporter and Photographer for this article.

MJay J, Reporter and Photographer for this article

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