What’s your scots-meal? Food Sale 9/28

Convenience is key!

And our food sale vendors know this well. For just one day, students at Highland get to experience the luxury that is passing up the usual X-treme burrito.

So what’s better than a foil-wrapped lump that claims to be a “turkey and cheese” sandwich?

My pal, let me show you… this is… the HHS Food Sale

For most of my high school career, I was under the impression that the food sale gathered bucks solely for the greedy higher-ups. It was a good laugh to find out that I couldn’t be more wrong. The Food Sale is largely comprised of School Clubs– students and their advisors make arrangements to bring these special treats to everyone. The funds made from Food Sales help our Clubs gain the funding that they need in order to stay running. So come on out and enjoy the food offered; it helps students stay active in their extracurricular activities!

Jamba Juice, Crumbl Cookies, and various Mexican street foods were being sold.

As we walked in, we were immediately greeted with Jamba Juice and Crumbl Cookies. The Highland Gender-Sexuality Alliance told us that they had no club funds yet had so much they wanted to do. Fundraising through Food Sales will allow them to financially cover club members in future activities and events. Cookies were being sold $4 for one or $10 for 3. 

Next to Crumbl was a vendor selling fruta, exquite, and aguas frescas. In another venue, aguas frescas and horchata were being sold with cute jug souvenirs– $7 for 24oz and $9 for 32oz. I was rather surprised by all the Mexican street food being sold, but it was definitely a welcome surprise. After all, Highland does boast a ~70% Hispanic student body– and it just so happens to be Hispanic Heritage Month! A comer con gusto sea dicho!

Highland Girls Golf selling La Rosa paletas– can you spot Coach Smart?

We also had the Highland Golf Team raising funds by selling an assortment of La Rosa paletas. (Pro tip for juniors and seniors: stay til the end of lunch, vendors often have sales to rid of leftovers then! These bars were going for half price for the remaining minutes left of lunch)

A staple vendor at many Food Sales past, present, and (surely) future is the Twisted Potato. The Highland French Club brings these delicacies up for grabs whenever they get the chance. Relatively cheap and super delicious, you can’t go wrong with getting it twisted. This food truck is entirely local; run by a Bakersfield native who just graduated from Frontier not long ago. Definitely worth supporting them and Highland French– Vive le Plaid!
Rock on teen deaf club; you’re super!

Next– check out the Highland Teen Deaf Club’s “Super Taco”! They were selling burritos de asada or chili verde for $12 each. I think their pickle mascot was “Super” adorable. 

Gary P. after buying a discounted $10 box of midpizza that’ll support the Highland Football team.

Many vendors were lucky to report they were sold out by the end of the food sale. Food sales are an excellent way to show your Scots pride in supporting all of the extracurricular activities we have to offer here at Highland. Not only do student-led clubs get to participate and do the things they want, but you get the opportunity to walk out with a very content stomach. Your tum will thank you for not stuffing it with another dull chicken sandwich. 

Aliya R., ASB President, running the Krazed food truck while dressed in a completely DIY’d scout outfit! Cute!

The next Food Sale is set for October 20th– it’ll be here before you know it! Let your wallets rest and recover for now, and we’ll see you on the next one.

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