Highland VS BHS Football Pinks Out!

Despite the team’s dread going into this game, the Scots capitalized on their strong defense in the first half to punish the Drillers in the second half, ending the game with a score of 21-6.

Quarter 1

Both teams were playing very safe at this stage, with the Scots prioritizing defense as a way to run the clock.  This paid off in the last four minutes of the game, with a passing touchdown from JoJo Mata to Austin Hernandez.  Along with a successful PAT by Pete Para and consistent tight defense, the 1st quarter ends with a score of 7-0.

Quarter 2

The Scots and Drillers were neck and neck for all of this quarter, with their skills seemingly matched. An initial fumble placed the Drillers on offense; their methodical offense was met by the Scots’ strong defense carried over from the first quarter.  In a last-ditch effort, the Drillers went all out on 4th and long but slipped up before scoring. The Scots try to take advantage of this during turnover, however, the ball was intercepted by BHS.  Before BHS could score anything, Highland #30 sacks the quarterback and earns a fourth down. BHS failed a punt at the 45, ending the quarter with no touchdowns on either side and a score of 7-0.

Intermission: Half-time

The halftime show is special every football game. This time, Colorguard holds a graceful performance decked out in their blue and gold garb. Band holds its senior night as they perform for the audience.


And then– we have the Super Scot winners announced. Super Scots are seniors first voted in by Highland staff in their representation of PLAID throughout their four years on campus. Once the staff narrows down this list of impeccable leaders and achievers, the student body casts a vote on who they believe qualifies to be the Super Scot. Out of 16 stellar candidates, only two claim the Super Scot title.

And the winners are…. drumroll please…

Brandon Baker and Aidan Cisneros!

We interviewed these two — the only male electees– here is what they have to say about the recognition they earned that night.

Super Scot Brandon Baker (12) Interview

Q: What award did you win?

A: Super Scots!

Q: How did you feel winning this award– what went through your head?

A: I felt super good you know, especially winning with Aidan. We’ve been best friends since kindergarten so.. I don’t know.. It just felt… it, it was surreal. Just being in front of everyone and especially being nominated by teachers and staff. It really shows that there are people that care about me here other than just my friends.

Q: What do you feel like you did that made you stand out and get nominated for this award?

A: I keep up to date with all my work and I stay involved with everything outside of school as well. Just stay involved

Q: Is there anyone you want to thank for this award?

A: Definitely my mom. She’s always making me stay up to date with all my work. And, without her, I’d probably be failing every class.

Super Scot Aidan Cisneros (12) Interview

Q: What was your reaction to receiving this recognition?

A: You know, taking two wins– as Homecoming king and now as super scot– it’s an honor man, it’s like a dream come true to be honest. I can’t tell you the emotions I felt because they’re so high but I’m very glad that people nominated me and saw me that way, to put me in this position–  it really is, truly is an honor.

Q: How did you feel winning alongside Brandon, as you’ve said you’ve been best friends.

A: That’s my day one right there. We grew up together and we’ve been through middle school– we’ve been through everything together. 

I couldn’t ask to be next to a better person, you know?

Aidan Cisneros

Q: Would you say that it makes this award a little more special?

A: Tremendously. It was really cool to win next to my best friend. 

Q: What do you feel that you did to deserve this award– what work did you have to put into this?

A: I feel like I do a lot of stuff for my family, my school– I’m in ASB. I do a bunch of sports, I help around campus, I’m always cool to everybody. I guess that shows because I got nominated. And in the classroom, I’m very active, very social with the teachers. I’m always reading in my English classes; making sure I’m involved.

 It is hard to balance schoolwork, I keep up a 4.0 GPA with work, sports, and all that. Right after school I either practice or I work– I’m out until like ten o’clock– it’s a grind!

Q: Is there anyone you would like to thank for this award?

A: Oh yeah! My parents, my friends, my school– I appreciate all of them and I’m blessed to be given this opportunity. 

Once halftime is over, we went back to the game~

Quarter 3

The Scots kick off at half, but the Drillers caught them off guard with a much faster offensive play, rushing from the 52 to the 54-yard.  This resulted in a decisive touchdown from BHS, now putting the score at 7-6.  Losing composure, the Scots fumble the kickoff but recovered at the 6.  The rest of the clock for this quarter ran out by punts and fumbles from both sides, with the score remaining at 7-6.

Quarter 4

The Scots’ unwavering defense overcomes the Drillers’ strategic offense in the finale of this game.  They hit the Drillers with an all-out offense early in this quarter, with a clean touchdown by Jojo Mata and a beautiful PAT by Peter Par.  The Scots continue to punish BHS with a fast offense, and with 3:24 left on the clock, the Scotts managed to score another touchdown and PAT placing the score at 21-6.  The ball is never in the Drillers’ hands for long, and the game is finished with a 20-yard rush by Jojo Mata and a knee.

That was a really rushing game, but we still weren’t satisfied! We went to talk to a player to learn more about how it went from their perspective.


Sylas Alva, #7 after a successful game

Now we hear what a player thought of tonight’s game!

Q: What does this win mean to you as the last home game of the season?

A: It’s everything. The seniors get to go out with a bang, it’s our last home game. I couldn’t do it without my team. I really appreciate all of them. They all stepped up, they all did their job– everybody did their job tonight. Our offense looked good our defense was flying around– this win means everything to us.

Q: You mentioned your defense, they helped BHS down to 6 points. Who specifically would you like to thank for that?

A: Ay, it’s not a specific person– it’s a whole team, the group. 

Everybody was flying to the ball. Everybody flies to the ball and everybody does their job… There’s no specific person. 

-Austyn Hernandez steps in-

AUSTYN: Hey can I say something real quick?

Q: Yeah

AUSTYN: Ay, Austin Hernandez class of 2025, get at him

-Austyn exits, and the interview continues-

Q: Is there anyone specific you’d like to thank for your success?

A: The coaches! They trained us really well. Our off-season was really good. We worked out, we did everything that we needed to. I want to thank all of our coaches, and all of our players for stepping up and doing a big role tonight. Everybody all stepped up– I’m saying players, coaches. Everybody did their job tonight.

Q: All right! Thank you.

And I couldn’t have said it better myself. Truly, we saw the Scots step up today and give it their all on the field. Everyone went all out for the Pink-out and it was a thrilling time. We’ll catch you on the next one– keep it groovy!

Anthony Renteria, head reporter for this segment.

Shay Ellis, reporter for this segment.

Jack Ho, reporter for this segment.

Jayden Anglin, Photographer for this segment.

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