Looking Behind the Curtain: Charlie Brown

With only about a month to rehearse, it’d be an understatement to say that the casts of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown have been working hard to put the show together. Unlike 2021’s fall performance, this year’s musical features two casts with different showtimes respectively.  Time restraints and this dual cast have made this performance seem very daunting, so we’ve decided to get a behind-the-scenes perspective from both the actors and the technical crew of this show.

You will truly feel immersed in the world of Charlie Brown.

What the cast has to say

In spite of their tight deadline for the performance, the casts are very optimistic about their rehearsals. The dual cast not only increased the diversity of the rehearsals but also allowed the actors to learn more from each other.  There was a wide range of talent and experience among all the actors, but they were not ashamed to look to each other for support. Jocelyn B., Cast B’s Schroeder, stated in an interview that her favorite memories of rehearsal came from exchanging tips with Cast A.  

Some actors have had previous experiences with this musical.  Ava O., Cast A’s Lucy, had already performed in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown years ago and had this to say:

“I’ve been wanting to play Lucy for a while because I did the play You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown when I was younger. I got the role of Marcy but I always wanted to play Lucy and I finally got it.”

Speaking of Cast A, we were very curious about what it was like rehearsing with their Charlie Brown, Landon Harris.  Landon H. is deaf, and as a result, the musical numbers have had sign language incorporated into them.

Ryan C., Charlie Brown for Cast B and the ensemble

“It hasn’t been difficult because of the fantastic interpreter.  She’s really helpful, and she’s super nice,” says Ryan C., Cast B’s Charlie Brown.

The Tech side of things

Much like the dual casts, this is the first year Highland has been given two different technical theater classes. This has allowed for props and set pieces to be finalized much faster, which is perfect for the much tighter deadline the musical was faced with.

Although in a single space, all 3 scenarios here are different thanks to the props tech theatre have painstakingly constructed.

This is not to say that the technical side of the performance is easy, however.  In an interview with tech leads Elijah S. and Cap, they did not sugarcoat their workloads.

The set pieces include many infamous backgrounds of Charlie Brown such as the side view of his house and the white fencing he and Linus often cross.

“It’s a lot of work, it’s heavy-duty, all the time, it’s constant,” says Cap.  From managing lighting to rushing around as a stagehand, the tech leads do not get enough credit for the work they do. Although, that’s not what they found most difficult.

“Being friends with everyone and trying to get everyone to take everything serious,” is what Elijah found most difficult about the show’s production.  It goes without saying that there was an immense amount of effort put into this musical.

Taking a look behind the scenes for You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown has given me nothing but admiration for its actors and technical crew. Please check them out TONIGHT (Thursday) Friday and Saturday, show times are pictured below!

Show times courtesy of @hhs_scots_theatre on Instagram

Nas Miller, reporter & photographer for this article. Also playing Franklin in Cast A — check it out Friday and Saturday!

Jenna Shaffer, reporter for this article. Also playing as Violet in Cast B — Check it out Thursday and Saturday!

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