Movie Nights @ Highland! Freshman & Senior

Freshman Movie Night:

Upon arriving at the movie night, Freshmen are promptly greeted and made welcome by Link Leaders.

Freshman Movie Night was hosted on Wednesday, October 16th after school. The movie, Coraline (2009) was played outside in the grass area in front of the finance office near the art building. The event was organized by Link Leaders & Mr. Valdez. Admission, popcorn, and pumpkin painting were all free to freshmen. Candy was also sold to fundraise while providing a free event to students.

Local Link Leaders put on several fun activities for our freshie Scotsmen to enjoy!

Many Freshmen came to the event to have a good time with friends, to get free popcorn, and to get out of the house. There was a bigger turnout than anticipated for the first-ever Movie Night at Highland this year. Overall, freshmen felt welcome and enjoyed Movie Night, foreshadowing Senior Movie Night the following week.

This movie-night took place on the large lawn space below the administrative buildings and right in front of the art building.

Vice President of the Link Crew, Xitali had this to say:

Link Leaders enjoy themselves after a successful turnout!

“I’m so happy and glad lots of students went out tonight to enjoy themselves. I’m very proud to be a link crew member and get the chance to see how our students grow and make them feel welcome. I wasn’t expecting many students since it was our first actual movie night with freshmen, but it turned out very successful. I hope they had a blast and come around for more events we will host for them. Thank you for coming out as a freshman link crew leader and as students who came to spend time together!”

Senior Movie Night:

The Senior Class votes to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas out on the blacktop behind the language buildings!

Senior Movie Night was held last week on Wednesday, the 29th. Seniors watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and participated in a Halloween costume contest. The movie screening was held on the blacktop by the basketball courts. Free popcorn and water bottles were also served.

The event was brought together and well prepared by the Class of 2023, including the club advisor, Mr. Mathew, the club president, Mia Donez, and Ashley Diaz, Class of 2023 representative. Teacher chaperones and security were also present to help supervise the event. Scots voted to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on the @hhs.classof2023 Instagram account.

“We wanted to get as many seniors out to celebrate and appreciate their senior year.” -Ashley (Class of 2023 representative)

After a long day’s work coaching the football team, Mr. Mathew has the duty of serving free popcorn to his community.

Fortune favors the prepared:

Seniors came fully clad in blankets and sweatshirts and also brought their own chairs, drinks, and other amenities!

Students came ready for Movie Night with blankets, chairs, and even pillows. The class of 2023 had no plans on how to accommodate students who didn’t bring these themselves. The summer heat finally started to cool down last week, making it a chilly night, but Scots came all set. Some even stopped by Circle K before heading to the event and brought their own snacks.

Point of View on the Venue:

Many seniors were expecting the movie would be shown in the grass area outside the finance office instead of on the blacktop similar to Freshmen Movie Night. Here’s what they had to say:

Chloe A. said the movie was good and rated it 10/10. But, said it was uncomfortable to sit down and wished to watch in the grass. 

“Yeah, and why is this on the pavement and not on the grass? I thought it was going to be like the freshmen movie night.” -Breanna R.

“I thought we would be out on the grass…but it was worth coming early for good seats!” -Melissa F.

Scots’ Sentiment on the Event:

Students came to have fun with their friends and enjoy themselves. Isaiah E. said he was excited and had never done anything like this before. He told reporters that his mom and dad used to do movie nights at school. He also wore his Linus shirt from the Charlie Brown theater production. Cap said they had a really close connection with A Nightmare Before Christmas, so they were glad the senior class was playing this movie.

“I’m so excited to experience this! It’s amazing and this is my favorite childhood movie, it holds so much nostalgia.” -Nas M.

“The senior class president did well and it was a very enjoyable social event and movie. I’m glad I came.” -Steven C.

“It was fun and very cold” -Natalie S.

“I thought it was a very good movie, it was fun my friends were there, and it was good they did this stuff for seniors because it’s our last year.” -Karen E.

Halloween Costume Contest:

To close off the night, a costume contest was held. The contest winner was determined by cheer vote– whoever got the loudest applause won. Alex S. won the costume contest. The prize? A “spoopy” basket with an assortment of goods including: a movie gift card, snacks, popcorn holders, and more. Arianna E. said she loved the movie and that the Halloween contest was fair and great.

“It was a great experience. I had a good time with my friend. No, I didn’t think I was gonna win. I was shocked and happy that I won” -Alex S. (Halloween Contest Winner)

We were glad to report that both of these spooky-themed movie nights were held successfully and gave Scots something fun to do in their own backyard!

Jayden Anglin, Photographer for the Senior portion

“6 DAYS” (6 days until what?!)

Yunus Ali, Reporter for the Senior portion

Xitlali Ortega, photographer and reporter for the Freshman portion

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