FFA Lip Sync Battle: Who Won The Milli-Vanilli?

FFA held this year’s Lip Sync Battle in the WAH after school on the 10th of last month. This year’s Lip Sync Battle was 70s and 80s themed. Clubs and friends were challenged by FFA to beat ASB and Drama in the event of the year, The Lip Sync Battle. Sign-ups were held from October 18th to October 20th, giving students a month to rehearse and prepare.

Winners would receive the highly anticipated Milli-Vanilli trophy! Milli Vanilli was a popular singing duo that won a Grammy for “Best New Artist” in 1990. Their Grammy was revoked after their voices glitched during a concert and it was discovered that they had in fact been lip-syncing the whole time! Hence the befitting name of the Lip Sync Battle Trophy!

Admission to the event was free, and the WAH was PACKED when doors opened at 5:30. The Lip Sync Battle was hosted by Mr. Leishman, a veteran AG advisor! He has also gained stardom recently on a student-run Instagram page (@leishmanonfleek) for his absurd outfits and comical day-to-day doings!

Our MC for the night Mr. Leishman has such a natural charm and charisma that kept the audience on their feet all night long!

Meet the Judges

Our judges worked hard to determine the winners– keep reading to find out who won!

Connor Demming – a former Highland theatre kid who starred as the Cat In the Hat in Seussical The Musical (2019)

Amina – a former FFA member and Highland Alumni

Mr. Marquez – an economics teacher of 15 years

Mrs. Vigstrom – our principle

Principal Vigstrom had a ton of fun!

Mr. Leishman’s Ag Govt Class

Check the Scots Weekly video out for video footage of the performances~

Mr. Leishman’s 4th period, Ag Government class did the Coffin dance. All the movement must have had Greg P. turning in his grave because he arose and did some sick dance moves. Mr. Leishman did not endorse or have any say in what these kids came up with.

Duet – Isaiah and Theo

The show then really kicked off with a performance by Isaiah and Theo. Theo made it his own by going to “sing” and high-fived the crowd directly while Isaiah played several instruments, including a kitchen pot.

Ag Mechanics

The Ag Mechanics’ performance was one of self-actualization. The story revolved around a man (played by Matthew H.) who was rejected by a girl for someone else. He channeled his broken heart into gains at the gym. By the end, Mathew turns his defeat into triumph.

Freshman Aggies and Mr. Leishman

The freshman aggies and Mr. Leishman delivered an out-of-the-ordinary performance with a mash-up of various songs. They did many seemingly random things, one of which involved a foot costume. The song, “Holding out for a Hero” played in the background and Mr. Leishman starred as the “hero,” lifting an animal skeleton into the air heroically.

Solo Star

Arianna Davis was truly a stand-out performance. Mr. Leishman introduced her as the surprise talent — not even the judges were aware that there was going to be a solo that night. Even with all eyes on her, Arianna gave a genuinely captivating performance that made the crowd go absolutely nuts for her. An impressive stage presence coupled with overwhelming confidence made Arianna a fan favorite of the night. Mr. Leishman had no words for the performance and noted how he wished he had hair that was as bouncy as hers! (Balding is a natural occurrence, Mr. Leishman! Don’t fret!)

The Bro Group

The group featured Isaiah E., Nathaniel L., Nas M. Elijah S., and Eins B. They acted out songs by Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5. 

They swooned the crowd right away! They all took turns with a fedora and broomstick and acted out as the lead for each song. Eins “killed” the group with his anti-gravity tilt. Isaiah revives himself afterward and sang his life away with the broom “mic”.

FFA Officers

FFA officers dressed up in cute and silly outfits and enacted the Scooby Doo song!


ASB went next. ASB starts out with the boys’ gangster dance segment until all girls come up and dance. A classic guys vs. girls act! A lot of them wore hippie outfits and wore lots of bright colors very reminiscent of the 70s.


Drama comes in with a very INTENSE superhero-themed performance

The cast consisted of Isaiah E. (Thor), Stephen B. (Batman), Ava O. (Thanos), Jocelyn B. (Captain America), Trinity (Scarlet Witch), Breana R. (Loki), and Katie J. (Shuri from the new Black Panther film); The news broadcasters were Savana K., Brianna Baker (not Loki), and Natalie S. Drama came up with a very cool and well-choreographed performance as usual. They went on the longest and gave off heavy theatre vibes!

Just Dance

Next – the audience’s turn! Just Dance 2 – Rasputin. Everyone was encouraged to get up and dance!

Then – Mrs. Vigstrom went on stage and got down to Gangnam style!


Winners were announced! The first winner is Arianna Davis for best solo performance, Isaiah’s bro group won twice. The first time as crowd favorite, the second as GRAND CHAMPIONS of Milli-Vanilli, ENDING drama’s 2-year streak and taking home the prize! This special award was given by Mrs. Vigstrom. She bowed as she gave this one up to the boys.

FFA officers show off their creativity in amazing Scooby-Do outfits!

Best dressed – FFA officers

The only solo performance of the night — Arianna Davis!

Best Solo – Ari Davis

The Ag Freshies!

Best Freshman Team – The AG freshman

Best Duo makes their final stage presence!

Best Duo – Isaiah and Theo (Mace)

The Bro Group who spoke exclusively in Michael Jackson/The Jackson 5

Crowd Favorites — Bro Group

The Advanced AG Mech students!

Best Props/Set Design — AG Mechanics

Best choreography — Drama

Best Large Group — ASB


Mr. Leishman: (in response to a student who cried “I LOVE YOU” in the crowd) “I’m a married man… No scratch that. I’m a married man AND I’m a teacher!”

Mr. Marquez (judge): “I loved the girl who went by herself – Arianna – and I didn’t even know her! ASB and drama were a bit too much.”

Steven Carrillo: (on stage for ASB performance) “Happy Birthday to Jayden Anglin! This one was for you!”

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