Sadie Hawkins – An Enchanted Dance

Written By: Treyvion Miller

Twas the night of the Sadie and not a teacher was around, and once you entered the cafeteria….

It was full of sound !!

Rapper Treyyyyyyyyy coming to you on this fresh Monday morning to cover our school’s 2nd dance of the year (the first was for Homecoming). This is a special one because it is known to be one of the only “Girls ask guys” dance! We do not see that often — usually it’s assumed that the opposite happens. Of course, anyone is free to ask whoever they’d like to this dance! I saw a lot of friend groups go to just have a good night. Dances aren’t always about finding a date, especially if your friends are cooler than any date you might find!

Some of the proposals featured on the @ hhs2025class Instagram!

The Sadies was hosted on Thursday, November 17th after school. The dance was marketed as an enchanted Sadie Hawkins and it was held in the cafeteria. Tickets were $10 at the finance office or $15 at the door! The highland class of 2025 was responsible for planning the dance. They held an Instagram campaign where the best proposal using #enchantedsadies2022 would win free tickets — for this one, Rachelle and James won (pictured left)! Congratulations to them both! Highland often does free dance tickets for best formal/prom proposals too, so keep an eye peeled to participate in those!

Point of View on the Venue:

Most people who went agree that it turned out to be pretty chill. Desserts were available to students during the first 10 minutes of the dance for free; after 10 minutes, all the desserts were gone.

The Cafe was decorated with mushroom lights and fake vines. The mushroom lights hung from the ceiling in cute little bunches. There were vines on the cafeteria equipment. Leaves covered the floor in certain spaces throughout the venue. But by the end of the night, the leaves were nowhere to be found.

“This girl with a really pretty dress was dragging the leaves behind her until people stepped on them and stole them. It was extremely fun. 7/10” 

-Jairo Luna

What kind of people went?

Most underclassmen participated in the event with a few exceptions of upperclassmen. There was a good mix of freshmen and sophomores, some Juniors, and very few seniors here and there. Certainly, the Sadies have always been considered an underclassman dance — so for you fresh faces, this one goes out to you! The Sadies is typically hosted by the Freshman or Sophomore class for this reason. Many of the underclassmen I talked to were ecstatic about the theme and the execution of the dance. The lights were very fun with very hip lighthouse vibes.

“The dance was lit”

-April Coe

How should I dress for a Sadies?

Nate came all dressed up!

Most students dressed in very Semi-formal wear. I saw a lot of girls rocking jeans even! Of course, the goal is to always look as stylish as possible. The Sadies isn’t something to take something as seriously as you would with something like prom, though. So keep that in mind as you outfit hunt for your perfect enchanter or enchantress costume for the night.

And with that dance, we swiftly wrapped up our last week of school before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Cheers to waiting for Christmas Break!

Jas C. – Photographer for this article

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