Holidays at Highland!

Ah~ the Kelly green trees are billowing in the breeze! It really reminds me that during this time of year, things really do begin to change. They get a little tense as finals and college application deadlines approach. But they also get a little more jolly as formal and Holiday activities start sprouting up at school. So, what’s been up Scotsmen?!


To get into the festive spirit many students across campus have been donning Santa hats. Since the start of December, this trend has been popular up until now and continues to hold its place as a Christmas staple. For many, this could just be a fun thing to do as Christmas break rolls around, but for others, it is a way to celebrate friendship as whole groups are in on the gig.


Pictured are some ASB members who host the rallies, from left to right: Jocelyn B. (who gave a stunning Star Spangled Banner performance and personally serenaded us upon arrival), Steven “is kool” C., Isaiah E. (rally chair, dripped out in a BC sweater), and Arianna E. (just look at her necklace and bow! She is serving!)

The Winter Sports Rally highlights the many athletics happening this season – from basketball to wrestling and soccer as well – all of these hardworking student-athletes get hyped up and recognized for their efforts during this time. Rally chairs Isaiah Esparza and Ava Orozco planned special holiday time activities such as “Santas Sleigh Ride” and bottle flipping with a snowball.

The cheer squad also put on a very cute performance. Then, teachers, ASB, and cheer all did the Cupid Shuffle. During the 3rd rally, Mrs. Hertzog was most notable in her moves. “Best dancer was clearly Mrs. Hertzog” rally chair Ava O. acknowledged as the dance wrapped up.

Notice the nice vs naughty list in the senior section!

Nice: Mrs. Martinez, MBS, Mrs. Childress, Seniors, Mrs. Lady, and ASB

NAUGHTY!: Scotty (our mascot!), Leishman, Mr. Marquez, Mr. Matthew, Mr. Parra


This year as always ASB held a charity event to give back to those in need. This time it took on the appearance of the Teddy Bear Toss, a rather creative way of gathering stuffed animals for children this Christmas. The Teddy Bear toss was held during the girl’s basketball team game. At half time, students would throw many toys and plushies onto the court, which would end up going to the charity cause. The MC for this event was Deon G. — and he did a wonderful job of making it a fun time for the audience! The cheerleading team and Red Cross also joined in on this event by bringing their own teddy bears and throwing them onto the court.

Anyone who made “a shot” with their teddy bear won some Highland swag. While only a few made a shot into the can, many felt the reward of giving back to their community. ASB successfully gathered two large bags filled to the brim with plushes.

This event was a huge success as it garnered many toys and lots of joy!


The Winter Concert was also one of the great events that have happened in these past few days. The event itself was great with lots of great performances and participation. One said example of student participation was all the band kids wearing ugly Christmas sweaters. In terms of the performance itself, it was a big success! Students mixed it up by singing Christmas carols and the bagpipe players all learned how to play Christmas songs for the special occasion. Of course, none of them could have done it without their wonderful music teacher, Mr. T, who valiantly led them to this very special night of music, harmony, and festivity.


The GSA also made great strides during this winter season. The club hosted an ornament painting event with hot cocoa. The room was fully packed with friendly faces all around. Many of the Scots there were excited about the hot cocoa — there was a very long line for it! Students were very excited that the club hosted such a cozy and inclusive get-together. As for the ornament aspect, there were many to choose from. They had snowman ornaments, Christmas tree ornaments, and the classic plain ornament. There was lots of paint and other supplies readily available for students. This was all made possible by the wonderful advisor Ms. Cornford and President Trey M. who made everyone who dropped by the room after school feel welcomed. It was truly a fun event that allowed students to unwind and enjoy hot cocoa and activities as they indulged in the Holiday spirit.

Finally… take a look at our beautifully decorated library!

Central to Highland is our very own library. It keeps us warm on these chilly winter days. It keeps us dry when the rain comes pouring down tenfold. The library science students, along with teacher librarian Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Cruz work hard during each season to decorate the library accordingly. This winter, you’ll find a beautifully decorated Christmas tree right upon entering the library. Below are carefully wrapped presents done in whimsical paper, with elusive bows to match.

Throughout the library, you can find assorted decorations hanging from the ceilings and distributed amongst the bookshelves. Brought to life by the artistically inclined students, Mrs. Brown, and Mrs. Cruz, they never fail to bring the Highland Library to life and provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all students who visit.

Looking forward to…

For the holiday season, a staple event this time around for many students would be the Cocoa and cram (Unfortunately this specific day is only for freshmen)! With finals rolling around the corner many kids get very stressed with studying, especially the inexperienced freshman. Thankfully the school hosts a one-day event for every winter final where many teachers come together and prepare source material for students to study and prepare. Personally, this event was of great help when I was a freshman. All the teachers that I had prepared papers upon papers for me to study and analyze, which allowed me to ace my finals! This special day is being hosted on December 20th in the gym, where they will be handing out goodie bags and hot cocoa. Thankfully though, after finals are over, the only thing left to do is leave for winter break! 

We’ve talked about a lot of things and there’s been a lot going on campus that shows the Christmas spirit – from GSA holiday activities to clubs gathering present donations for those in need – Highland students have been doing it all.

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