Meet the Newspaper Staff!

  Here the Newspaper Club stands with all of its wildly witty and hardworking staff. Everyone here is a gem, as will be covered in the member profiles! Their individual vibrancies and strengths will create a strong community of collaborators, all passionate about sharing what makes their high school years as Scotsmen so special. Everyone here poured their passions into this project and we have all grown much from doing so.

  Of course, before introducing the team, recognition must be attended to our advisor! Dr. Kunnath has devoted his time and wisdom to guiding our club. On behalf of all the staff, we are incredibly grateful to have a very dedicated and knowledgeable figure lead our efforts!

In addition to our advisor, the club boasts its very own Admin Buddy — Mrs. King! Mrs. King has helped us tremendously on many of the technical aspects so that we can present only our very best work to our readers. Now, without further ado, let’s meet the students on staff!


Our writers! Each specific subcategory we cover (like sports or campus life) has its own dedicated writer or team of writers! These students work hard to curate content for you, our reader!

On covering academics is our very own Jacob Ellis, who has done an outstanding job writing about our co-curricular teams on campus, from Mock Trial to Robotics.

Nathaniel Lozano covers all of our sporting needs – fun fact: he has also sported himself the most-read article in writing on our Football Homecoming game!

Christian Hernandez truly has carried his weight in the Campus Life Department – he has written on movie nights, spirit week and rallies, and the famed FFA Lip Sync Battle!

Alister Lewis and Stevie Key bring spunk to our stories in the opinion department – sharing their sentiments on field trips and festivities at school! Fun facts: Stevie has dislocated their knee 3 times in one day and Alister can’t get sturdy with his athlete’s knee (for real)! They both bake amongst other hobbies, like casually carrying the entirety of the Newspaper club~

David Delano, writer for Art & Culture, has crafted beautiful stories on our very talented Theatre Department and is looking forward to Addams Family coverage! A fun fact is that he can eat apples whole, and he also knows how to surf!

Jack Ho (TikTak Influencer 😀) is our valued fill-in writer – he covers all areas with expertise! If we ever have an editor who cannot make deadlines, Jack swiftly takes charge. He most notably writes our “special” Holiday features – from Halloween to Christmas – and is preparing to write up about how our Scots celebrate Valentine’s Day in his next special!


While some writers may gather all reporter’s notes themselves, most rely heavily on a reporter to give them content to spin into an article. Our reporters are vital in ensuring we have factual and interesting information to share with our readers!

In the Academics department, Cazandra Manuel and anonymous reporter “Luffy” gather intel!

For sports, Anthony Renteria and Shay Ellis attend games and offer detailed coverage of games for our writer, Nathaniel L., to use in his articles.

Our Campus Life department has a few reporters on call – Yunus Ali, Greg Payan, Jorel Ma, and Ashley Diaz are most notable for attending events and asking valuable questions.

Art and Culture is represented by two students involved in the theatre department – Jenna S. and Nas M. make our publications possible with their specific and insightful notes! Jenna told us a fun fact about her is that they “almost killed her in the womb” — oh, and that she has fourteen pets!

Nas Miller, whose last saved photo was Tony Tony Chopper crying in agony as he asks, “Can we get much Higher?!” (writing this in tears…)


Oscar and Eric, Eric’s fun fact is that his last name is the same as Steven’s: Carillo!

Photographers truly breathe life into our articles. This visual element is heavily valued – especially as our photos have been frequently reposted, like our recent Winter Formal gallery being shared on the hhscots Instagram!

Ashley Diaz is our chief photographer and has covered a plethora of our published articles. Jayden Anglin has also worked heavily in providing quality photos to publish, he says newspaper is rad :3 and a fun fact about him is that he is @ steveniskool’s friend — what an honor! Devin Conston is another photographer of ours who has covered big events such as Spirit Week! Xitlali Ortega and Kayla Hernandez also take photos for us at events hosted by the school, outside of school. 

This team of photographers is invaluable.


On top of all our tight-knit and hard-working members, we have officers that oversee and ensure all we publish is of the best quality possible.

Our Chief Media Managers are Gabriel Moore and Cazandra Manuel – these two completely take charge of our social media and do such a great job at it! Seriously! We would be nothing without them!

He/him Essence captured by Jayden Anglin, 6’0 tall

Chief Reporter is Steven “iskool” Carillo. Steven stays in touch with all of the school’s current events and facilitates our presence in covering events when needed. Steven is an indispensable part of our team for his wicked intel! Steven also works diligently for the Highland Red Cross and the “steveniskool” Instagram pages. He says that he joined the newspaper because he w̶a̶s̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶e̶t̶e̶r̶n̶a̶l̶ ̶d̶e̶b̶t̶ , I mean it was either joining newspaper or his firstborn…

ANYWAY, @Steveniskool has a dope interview with Mr. Thompson coming out next week you won’t want to miss!

Our Chief Copy Editors – Valerie Ruiz and Anastasia Gonzalez – make sure all is polished prior to publication. They nitpick at every detail of our articles so that you only ever read the best version there is!

Ashley Diaz, our Chief Photographer, has provided us with many photos and insight!

Our executive editor is Veronica Salgado, who tirelessly problem-solves to make sure everything is smooth running on the technical side of our club. And then there is the writer of this article – me – who happens to be the editor-in-chief! Together, we make up a small but hard-working team!

   I sincerely hope you will see this journey through with us, perhaps even gain the courage to join a new sport or club because of our work. The best way to keep up with our latest news is by following our social media page (@ hhscotsnews) and subscribing to receive notifications of our new posts (find by scrolling to the very end of this page). The Newspaper Club aims to share information on events and other school fads in a fun, digestible manner. 

Thank you for giving us a voice that can be heard.

With great ambition,

The Newspaper Team

Photographed by Ashley Diaz

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