Teacher Interviews: Mrs. Martinez

Interviewed by: Ashley Diaz

Mrs. Martinez is a math teacher at Highland, she teaches Pre-Calculus and AP Calculus. Her door is always open to students! She advises the HHS Red Cross Chapter and Math Club.

Hi Mrs. Martinez! Could you please start off by introducing yourself?

My name is Victoria Martinez and I teach math!

How long have you been at Highland? 

I have been at highland since 2013!

What’s the most interesting thing that has happened on campus during your time here?

I was recently moved to a classroom that we usually call part of “the trailer park”

If you have a favorite memory inside the classroom, please share it!

I don’t have one, actually! I appreciate every day and all of the new memories I experience in my job.

Is there something (like an object or poster) in your room that holds significant value to you?

I have a microwave in my classroom but no one knows what it is… so students always ask,“what is that?” They think it’s a printer, haha. I also have a lot of artwork from students! It’s all around my classroom!

If you could change one thing about Highland, what would it be and why?

I wish we had our old schedule back because we are off so late now. I barely make it in time to pick up my kids!

So, we know you advise the Red Cross Club, one of the most long-standing in HHS History, how have you seen it grow and change over the years?

yes, I do! when I first started advising the club several years ago we had around 10 members, now we have well over 100! my classroom is not large enough to accommodate all of our members. every year I also see how officers bring in new ideas for events and increased involvement.

What kind of future do you hope to have for Red Cross?

since we have two lunches, i would like to have two advisors — one for the junior/senior lunch and another for freshman/sophomores. The group of officers (Ashley Diaz, Sophia Ortiz, steven Carillo, Aileen Alfaro, Natalie hidalgo-tarazs, Danyelle Miranda, Valerie Ruiz, serenity j, einsteven b, Amaya y, river c, and mark) this year are the most hardworking and most sincere students I’ve ever had, they have made the club more successful than it’s ever been! I’m excited about what next year brings.

On top of advising the Red Cross, though, you also advise Math Club! Could you tell us a bit about that?

so we are a small club but hope to continue to grow! this will be the first year that we compete in actual competitions, unlike the years prior. our president Jennifer Garcia offers tutoring to everyone (member and nonmember) 3 days a week after school.

What is your experience with not only advising two clubs but also teaching dual enrollment classes and AP classes?

I love that I’m able to share my passion for both my subject, math, and community service!

How many numbers of Pi can you recite?

Haha, not very many — around 10!

In this interview, we learned much about Mrs. Martinez and her dedication to the community. By powerfully intertwining her passion of arithmetic and service to others, Mrs. Martinez has shown herself to be an indispensable part of Highland. Having an impact on several students, many feel that their Highland experience would be incomplete without her and the clubs she has fostered and grown over the years. Walking into her classroom, it is easy to see that students have made just a large impact on her as well. With personalized artwork all around as well as a comical crewmate or cat meme lying here and there, students have found a safe space in Mrs. Martinez’s classroom.

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