Valentine’s Day @ Highland!

Love is in the air (except for me)! On this Valentine’s day, many students got together and participated in the festivities. This year just like every other, students wore color-coded clothing to show off their relationship status. Red meant they were taken, pink meant the situation was complicated, and white meant they were single. 

Last week from February 7th-10th, the class of 2023 held a Valentine Gram sale. In this sale students paid $3 for a gram that would be hand-delivered to the person of their choice. In the gram, they were able to write a small message. Members of ASB with roses and Hershey kisses delivered the grams. The ASB worked very hard to make this possible after garnering close to 300 grams! All this happened during everyone’s 2nd period where love and joy was spread around. 

The Red Cross decided to also participate in the lovely festivities last Friday. At lunch, the Red Cross held a booth in front of the office right next to the booth where you could buy grams. In the booth, students were able to write little notes to their favorite staff to show their love and appreciation. Those who regularly attend Red Cross meetings also could write their messages to teachers at the meeting and gain service hours for doing so. The notes had cool designs, like llamas and hearts! They were distributed to staff on Valentine’s morning and brightened the day of those who received a note (or multiple)!

Isaiah E.’s white lie!

The Basketball game also hosted a “White Lies” themed event where people came in a plain white T-shirt with a lie written on it :0

During Lunch, students were met with a great surprise; Scotty the Scotsman (whose birthday happened very recently!) helped out with one of the biggest events of the day, the kissing booth! With a beautiful pseudo glass trim bowl, Scotty ventured about the Scotland Yard and handed out (HERSHEY) kisses. You could also walk up to the booth and get the chocolate from our beloved ASB members, too. 

Needed a last-minute gift? The ASB had your back! At lunch, the ASB held a sale that was exclusively flowers; a much-needed final touch for all of your Valentine’s endeavors. 

All in all, Valentine’s day at Highland might’ve been extremely windy

 but the power of love prevails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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