Scots Preview Night

While we start the year off strong with Club Rush — an event during both lunches for current students to get exposure to and join the clubs, organizations, or sports they’re interested in, this isn’t the only chance for showing off.

Scots Preview Night is another annual event where incoming freshmen come to Highland, scared as they might be, and have a chance to plan their high school years by seeing clubs to join first-hand.

On this night, several students made room in their busy schedules to represent the club most important to them. From world languages to classic clubs like Red Cross to even the administration/counselors, everyone chipped in to make this Preview night the most realistic as possible. The turnout was huge, with many remarking how much of an “overwhelming” experience it is.

On the outermost circle, tables for band, orchestra, color guard, and similar interests were gathered at the entrance. Mr. T was there with many band students to support. Next to them was a booth for drama, and Mr. Thompson brought the JamBoard out to play the entirety of Beauty and the Beast as a special treat for the prospective freshmen. Drama was also selling T-shirts, at $20 for the first hour and reduced to $10 for the last! Fun fact: we lent Drama a sharpie to advertise the sale of these shirts!

Moving on, you’ll find an overwhelming display for FFA. FFA (Future Farmers of America) always goes all out for Preview Night — they give students coordinating T-shirts in an unmistakable highlighter green and put on their best display boards from over the years. Outside, FFA has tractors, welding stations, and most exciting — animals. Students must painstakingly take and construct temporary animal pens from the school farm to the gym to show off their goats, lambs, rabbits, chickens, geese, and steer. Though, it is truly worth it to go all out for at least one night a year.

ESports had live gaming — League of Legends and Overwatch, the two games Highland plays competitively. Next to them was the Project Lead the Way booth with very interesting interactives, including a claw machine for candy! The best way to bribe freshmen!

On the far side of the gym was the Green and Clean club — they had a beautiful environmentally conscious display, with a green tablecloth and many pots with dirt the freshman could use to plant their very own seeds. They also had people dressed as flowers walking around the gym recruiting!

Next to them was the Red Cross, a classic club with beautiful displays as per usual! Their roots in service make them a commendable club for all to join. They were followed by the Science Fair, a group that has been advised by the wonderful Mrs. Bell for two years now and has recently gotten a student going to state to represent their project this year. The Science Fair is relatively new at Highland!

World Languages — from French to Spanish and even ASL — followed. They are all elective clubs, with French and Spanish offering the fourth AP course and ASL offering up to four years. Languages are required, and it is definitely recommended to take four years!

Art club came to represent with gorgeous pieces on display for all students to see. Next to art club was Academic Decathalon, advised by art teacher Mrs. Mayo. Academic Decathalon is a great way to get involved in and sharpen all of your academic skills — from history to public speaking and math, academic decathalon is a total package, and will prepare you to be the best student possible! Not to be missed, we, the Newspaper Club, were stationed right next to Academic Decathalon. It’s only our first year, and we are already an award-winning club, so we implore new freshmen to join because there truly is a role for everyone!

In the very middle of the gym was where all the sports teams gathered. Cheerleading, swimming, tennis, wrestling, volleyball, and many more were represented this night. Various teams had merch to sell as well as trophies, medals, and photos of their team achievements on display. Incoming freshmen had the first-hand chance to ask athletes about their experiences to get a better picture of what sport they may pursue in high school.

In the end, Scots Preview Night was a booming success. The energy Highland students go into this event to represent their most beloved club is truly unmatched. All around, you’ll see students boast their respective club and frame it in the best light possible — truly, because they love the community and experiences they’ve come to know.

In the future, we know some of the freshmen, scared as they were on this night, will flourish in their upperclassmen years and stand on the other side of the table just as we did.

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