Springfest: The Wizard of Scots!

Senior class president Mia Donez!

The gym roared in excitement as the final all-encompassing rally began. People were ushered into the facility frantically so all seats could be filled up. The athletes (our main people of celebration) on the other hand, resided in another room where they would later be called to be commemorated.

Iamanni Jackson opened us off with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Everyone sunk in her pretty vocals before kicking things off high speed!

Between every couple of athletic teams flaunted, there would be a fun activity for the people to play. Two events that stuck out were the cup game and the “Finish the lyrics” game. In the cup game, multiple students from a variety of different grade levels were called upon. There would be two competitors facing off for each cup. Each competitor would stand directly across from the other –  poised and ready. In order to win the game you had to be the one to grab the cup. The catch was that someone from the ASB would say a body part and you had to put your hands on said body part and you could only grab the cup when the MC said the word “cup”.

Another memorable game this time around was the “Finish the Lyrics” game. Essentially, a song would play on the speaker for a certain duration. The song would then end and it was up to the audience to finish the rest of the lyrics – some really popular songs played like Boy’s a Liar!

Ally C. and Sarah S.,

In this rally, there were also a couple of performances. Ally Carrillo was one of the performances, and with the little time granted to her, shined like a star. Her amazing voice reverberated across the gym leaving many awestruck. People were so dumbfounded that they turned the flashlight on their phones and waved it in the air as if it were an actual concert.

Sarah flaunts incredible dance moves!

There was also a super underground student-led band that put on their first-ever rally debut performance. It was an interesting spectacle, to say the least! Toward the end of the rally, the drumline did a spectacular send-off with their amazing drumming skills.

Spring Sports Seniors!

Rallies have always been about fostering school spirit, community, and having fun! There is no better way to go about this than cheering on the seniors, who will soon be leaving, in their respective sports. They typically work a dutiful four years to give it their all for their sports team. This season we introduced many new sports — ranging from teams like softball and baseball to more individual-based athletics like swim, track/field, and tennis.

Track and Field seniors!

The first athletic team to be brought out and applauded for was the track team. The track team ran into a poster made specifically for them breaking through it and into the center of the gymnasium. The team went in as a whole but each member was mentioned individually allowing their moment to shine. This would be a common recurrence for the other upcoming athletes.

Varsity Tennis Seniors!
Girls Varsity Softball Seniors!
Swim Seniors!

And that was a wrap for the Highland 2023 SpringFest — the Wizard of Scots!

Photographed by Ashley Diaz

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