What is: Highland BSU!

Highland High School’s Black Student Union (BSU) is a major hidden gem on campus. Located in room 16E, the club is run by its advisor Mrs. McCabe and its student council, President Logan Greene, Vice President Katie Johnson, and Secretary Cap Zavala. 

      Kalisha McCabe, Club Advisor    
Logan Greene, Katie Johnson, and Cap Zavala


What is BSU?

BSU was created to celebrate black culture and history, as well as to allow black students to connect with their peers on campus. The club hosts weekly meetings where students come together to learn about different topics, everything ranging from black identity to self-love. They also frequent events like award shows, theatrical productions, and conferences. 

What has BSU done in the past?

This year, Highland High School’s BSU has really stepped up. For the past few years, the club has been relatively inactive due to Covid, but all of that changed this year! The club went to a regional conference at UC Merced for the first time ever. The students who were able to go on that trip were able to take a tour of the campus, attend workshops about mental health and entrepreneurship, and most of all, connect with other Black Student Unions across the Central Region of California. 

In February, the students of BSU hosted special events in honor of Black History Month. Everyday, the club’s vice president, Katie Johnson, would go on the morning announcements to give one black history fact of the day. And, at the end of the month, the club held a trivia game at lunch, where students could test their knowledge of black history and win some tasty candy! During that month, the club also hosted kickbacks, where any student could come to room 16E during lunch, eat pizza, and, as the name says, kick back! 

Latest Event: United Black Student Union of California State Conference

A few weeks ago, Highland’s BSU sent a student representative to a three-day state conference hosted in Modesto, CA. At the conference, students heard spoken word poetry, toured CSU Stanislaus, and even had a dance party! The field trip was in collaboration with BHS (home of the Drillers!), and the Highland representative attended the conference with six other students from that school. 

Departure & Arrival

Students gathered at BHS to take this trip!

CSU Stanislaus!


Breakfast & State Officer Elections

Overall, the experience of attending the conference was a very rewarding one. The student representative was even elected to the Youth UBSUC State Advisory Board (woohoo!). Next year, the convention will be held in Anaheim, hopefully including a trip to Disneyland along with it! BSU plans to attend 🙂

The Future of BSU

The club has numerous events planned for next school year, things like a 3v3 basketball tournament and a district-wide black history trivia competition. They also hope to be more active around campus by participating in rallies and working with other school organizations, like FFA and the Green & Clean Club. Mrs. McCabe hopes the club will continue to grow and positively influence the Highland campus in coming years. 

What Would Current BSU Members Say to Those Trying to Join?

“Get up, walk on over, and keep an open mind.” – Mrs. McCabe, Advisor

“Come in with the best attitude that you can because life is what you make it. If you wanna have a good time, be positive and just join as many activities as you can. And invite people!”  – Katie Johnson, VP

“Do it! Because it’s so worth it. You get friends, food, and an experience every week.”- Cap Zavala, Sec.

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