Addams Family Gallery

A night that was everything except normal…

“There are two things I’d never do…”

I’m being pulled in a new direction…

Meet the Beineke’s: Just one normal night!

Keep no secrets if you want him to remain your lover… Gomez loves me!

Acrimonium, anyone?

Dinner, and of course, the Game :3

Alice takes the Acrimonium and delivers stunning vocals in “Waiting”

Just remember, death is just around the corner~~

You’re probably thinking: what could a fat bald person of no specific sexuality know about love? But I, too, am in love: with the moon.

I’m crazier than you; that’s just the overview!

Oh, the sewers of Paris!

Tango de Amor

Move Toward the Darkness


Senior Night!

More Photos!

Thank you for experiencing this Happy-Sad night!

A HHS Drama production
find more @ hhs_scots_theatre on instagram
an article covering the entire event with cast interviews and behind the scenes coming out this friday 3/24