10/31 – A Very Spooky Scotsmen Halloween

Halloween is here! On the 31st at Highland Highschool all the students had the opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters! This year, Halloween fell on a Monday, so Scots were given an entire weekend to plan out and finalize their costumes. And it showed; it was a bustling day on campus. No matter where you looked, new and interesting costumes were afoot. 

Scarecrow costume with wonderful makeup to match! A worthy win for the Halloween costume contest!

For anyone, no matter if you dressed up or not, there was something to be gained from this day. Whether it be frothing at the mouth at your favorite costume or wishing you had thought of the costume idea before someone else, the feeling was apparent — Scotsmen’s creativity showed no bounds.

SGreggsy genderbends as a catgirl!

Costumes ranged from the reliable witch and superhero to infamously hilarious characters like Chuck-E-Cheese and Walter White from Breaking Bad.

A fan favorite — Shrek!

A balloon arch with tried and true Halloween colors – green, orange, purple and black – was installed that made for easy, aesthetic photos of students dressed up. 

During lunch, costume contests were held just outside of the administrative building. Deon, part of ASB, was the MC for this costume contest — he was also dressed as the Matrix! With contestants all lined up, he had each and every person introduce themselves and their costumes. Then, the judges were given four minutes to decide upon their winners. One of the Judges, Mr. Sweet, took careful consideration for every costume before coming to an ultimate decision. The winners were:

  • Joker
  • Scarecrow
  • 3 Mario Carts
The Joker — a winner at the costume contest!

They were all presented with Boo Grams as rewards! The Boo Gram was a fun package filled with candies, smencils, and other treats! They were also available for purchase for your special “Boo~” for $3

So, the day went by and silly costumes continued to be acknowledged and talked about among students. The “did you see the _____” costume discourse went on the entire day. It was fun, both for those who dressed up and for those who didn’t. And it was definitely worth joining in and coming together as a school to celebrate a day of creativity and silliness. 

Devin Conston, photographer for this article

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