Senior Night Special: Girls Tennis!

Arianna E. serves the tennis ball. PC: Jack H.

Tennis is a sport where one can be active while having fun. 

Last week, the newspaper team got the honor to interview and spectate the Girls’ Varsity tennis game (which happened to fall on Senior Night). Senior night signifies the last game seniors will play, and so they have a big send-off to them in order to celebrate their time playing.  


Right before their match, the senior girls reflected on the past four years in the locker room. Alister Lewis told us about how they were all teary-eyed with the realization that this would be their last year playing tennis as Lady Scots. But, in the end, they pulled it in so they could have a good time during the game.


Alister L. after a successful match — getting a fresh refill of water!

Q: How would you describe this season overall?

    A: It was a fun season, definitely. It was really fun playing with these girls, and we were in a whole different division, so it’s been interesting. We’ve all got to practice very different things over the season, Kayla was able to refine her serve, Arianna has gotten better at moving around, and I’ve done a funky new serve, it’s been a fun season.

    Q: So how would you say moving up a division has changed the way you practice and think about the sport overall?

    A: So I’ve never had Alec as a coach before, and so it was definitely different, on top of being a division higher, so… rigorous compared to previous seasons, but it wasn’t bad; it was well needed.

Q: So, you played Ridgeview before and won 5/4, do you feel like this game will go any differently? 

A: I feel like it might be a bit different because #2 (Ridgeview), she is completely different girl, and so all these girls (Highland) are practicing higher skilled players that are each a spot higher than them, so it is probably going to be harder for us, so I’m excited to see how it goes.


Ariana gets serious on the court!

Q: How do you feel about your final league match, is this day any other different?

    A: Not really, but it’s kinda crazy; it feels like it’s not real; I feel like I’m going to play next Tuesday.

    Q: Will you be approaching these upcoming tournaments any differently, or will you play similarly to how you do in league matches?

    A: Mostly the same, if not more aggressive, I’ve been working more at net shots 

    Q: What will you miss most about league matches?

    A: Probably the teams, it was really fun to meet new people and learn from them


Newspaper Staff posing with the comically large cutout of Melissa C.’s head, courtesy of Mr. Valdez! PC: Melissa C.

Melissa C. is a seasoned player on the court having played all four years of their high school career. This year, Melissa has had to go through a few more difficulties than in the past. Not only has the tennis team gone up a division, but she and everyone else got a new coach– Alec Alvarez. However, this only fueled their motivation to work even harder out on the court, and the results showed! Their hard work paid off and they were able to beat Ridgeview twice.

What does Coach Alec Think?

To end our time at the ‘courts, we managed to talk to the new Girl’s Tennis coach– Alec Alvarez. This is his first time coaching the girls, but even then he was still able to lead them to victory. This year the girls moved up a division, as previously stated. Despite knowing this, Alec did not let it phase him. In the words of Alec himself, “It didn’t change the way I coached them, because it should be the same no matter what because you want them to be good no matter what.” He was absolutely proud of his team and the vast improvements they made throughout the season. We noticed Coach Alec was a very involved coach, during Isabelle C.’s match, he stepped in to offer her advice and support. After these matches, Alec tells us that the girls will undergo individual matches. If they successfully make it to valley, they’ll be competing in the playoffs. 

Ending Senior Night Right~

After their solo matches, it was time to begin the senior celebration. It was bittersweet as the girls took photos with each other and with their parents as a keepsake of these precious moments. The coaches thanked the parents for playing a huge part in setting up almost everything for the girls that night– treats, flowers, decorations, and baskets full of trinkets and keepsake items. Coach Alec also made a brief speech thanking the girls for their hard work and dedication this season. It was a very heartfelt moment that will surely stay with them well beyond their high school years. 

Shay Ellis, reporter for this article.

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