“Fall” for our Fall Sports Rally~

ASB held a Fall Sports Rally on Friday! The rally was Halloween-themed and held in the gym. The rally was hosted by ASB rally chairs Isaiah Esparza and Ava Orozco and was divided into 3 sections. 

Our wonderfully talented rally chairs: Isaiah E. & Ava O.


Students were sent to rally A, B, or C based on their 2nd-period building location. Our editorial team was put into the B (second) rally so keep in mind that each rally varies. 

Students received a friendly welcome from our cheer and football team when entering the gym. The gym was filled with the sound of drums from percussion. After all the students entered and were seated into their sections, based on their grade level, the rally opened with the national anthem sung beautifully by Ava O. 

Football Team: 

Senior Athletes: the highlight of the fall rally!

Senior Varsity football players storm in! Simon Chitay, Christian Cisneros, Manny Veleta, Jojo Mata, Seth Grove, Chris Garcia, Kevin Sandoval, Nick Heintz, George Venegas, Kiah Jackson, Ben Mcnitt, Elijah Romero, Luis Martinez, and Louie Cuadras were introduced. 

Mummy Game: 

Scotty the Scotsman and Christopher Rosas demonstrate the game. This game was challenging!

In this game, 2 Scots participated. Teacher vs. Students. This game was timed, and the objective was to have the most toilet paper wrapped around your partner to win. The winning teacher’s team consisted of Ms. Davis and Mr. Leishman. Although, the teacher’s team soon fell behind and the Sophomores won!

Cheer Squad:

Senior Varsity cheerleader: Kaylie Pritchett, Tabitha Gummings, Emilia Barron, Aliya Resendez, Alyssa Almaraz, Katie Cardenas, Yerizel Garcilazo-Salazar, Logan Jarrett, Kimberly Paz, Brandi Quiroz, and Izzy Rios lined up and were introduced while wearing their senior stashes. Then, all of the cheerleaders lined up and performed a “scary” dance to Thriller by Michael Jackson. The dance was well choreographed and received loud cheering from all the students!

Potato Sack Game: 

Steven C. and Chris R. demonstrate the game.

Here, 2 Scots participated. Again, it was teachers Vs. students. Both participants stepped into a potato sack and went head to head in a race. The goal was to get to your class president, high-five them, and get out of the potato sack as quickly as possible. But that wasn’t all! Participants then had to knock plastic cups down with a ball. In a race against each other and against time, whoever did that first was declared the winner! For rally B, Class of 2023 successfully secured the dub! 

Fall Sports Introduction: 

Isaiah E. loudly introduces seniors from our tennis, volleyball, cross country, and water polo teams! Teams are received with loud cheers from all around the gym. 

Tennis: Jadyn Aguilar, Isabelle Clagg, Alister Lewis, Melissa C., and Chloe Aguilar

Senior Varsity Girls Volleyball Players

Volleyball: Sadie Salas, Mia Newlin Gonzales, Emma Garcia, Breyona Roberson, Angelina Alvarado, Rylee Gomez, and Trinity Martinez 

Highland High Senior XC Members

Cross Country: Nicole Almaguer, Melissa Flores, Surya Cisneros, Gabriel Sandoval, Loegan Brewer, Anthony Renteria, Paige Zepeda, and Lianna Guerra

Water polo: Lucia Jano, Karen Santana Cortez, Isabelle Hoffman-Carter, & Timmy C.

We thank all of our teams for their hard work in representing Highland this fall season. It is especially deserving to put the spotlight on our seniors. It’s always bittersweet knowing these are the last games and events they have as High School athletes.

Teacher Vs. Teacher Musical Chairs:

Teachers took each other on with Musical Chairs! To say the least, this game was very competitive. Mr. Leishman put up the fight and took the win! A very exciting game to watch! 

Mr. Leishman and Mr. Guiterrez show just how intense a game of musical chairs can get!

Closing off: 

The rally finished off with the S-C-O-T-S-M-E-N chant led by senior cheer captain Aliya R.! After, students retired to class hyped for the “green” game against BCHS later that evening. All in all, ASB held a fun and energetic Fall Rally. 

Ashley Diaz, Chief Photographer & photographer for this article.

Gabrielle Romero, reporter for this segment.

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