Club Feature: Table-Top Games

The Table-Top Games Club: a club welcome to all students with the sole purpose of playing games and having fun.

The Table-Top Games club meets near daily during both lunch periods. The club is advised by Mr. McGraff and meets in his room (3I) during 5th lunch. The Newspaper club conducted an interview with Carlos O, the club president and overseer of the Table-Top Games Club for 11th and 12th grade.

Club Dynamics:

INTERVIEWER: Do you hold any special events?

CARLOS: No, we haven’t, but maybe we will in the future. We were at Club Rush earlier this year!

INTERVIEWER: Do you have any club funds?

CARLOS: No… we’re… nonprofit ✨

INTV: What’s the typical meeting like?

CARLOS: Normally, we have the same recurring members. So we talk about what happened – a recap of the last game. Then we either continue that game or begin a new one. The way we do it is we have a vote, and then after that whatever the voting is what we do.


INTV: So how does the gaming aspect work? Does everyone bring their own games?

CARLOS: Yes! Everyone brings their own materials for Dungeons and Dragons, but that’s pretty much it as of now. No one’s really proposed or asked for anything else, so we’ve just been doing that.

INTV: If a new member brought a new board game would you guys play it?

CARLOS: Sure! We could make a vote and go from there. Say, if half the people want to play that new game and half are invested in the D&D game, we’ll just split. It’s whatever the people want.

Dungeons & Dragons:

INTV: Can you give me a rundown of what Dungeons and Dragons is for those who don’t know?

CARLOS: Yeah, it’s a tabletop roleplaying game. You create a character and play in a free realm world. It may be easier to think of it kind of like Elden Ring!

Dungeons and Dragons is great for people who like to use their imagination or role-play. You create your own character and immerse yourself into the game. The game gives players full control of the adventure whilst being guided by the Dungeon Master who narrates a vivid story and tests the party at every turn.

9th and 10th Grade Table-Top Games:

The Table-Top Games Club meets in room 5F and is currently run by Williams during 4th period lunch. They mostly play rpg games and board games. The club plays fair and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Troy, a member of the Table-Top Games Club, calls it “a fun place to play games and make friends.”

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