Highland comes up clutch and wins in a thrilling game against BHS – Basketball Jersey Day

Deon G. is ready to cheer Plaid City Hoops on!

Starting lineup: Zack Ornelas, Lance Haworth, Aaron Torres, Devon Bennett, and Karam Safa

Our Highland Scots stepped up by making big-time plays and scored clutch buckets to win a close hard-fought game against BHS!

Quarter 1:

Our very own Highland Scots boys basketball team takes on the BHS Drillers this night. As the whistle blows, BHS wins the tip-off and starts the game with the first possession. After a back-and-forth of tough defense, BHS puts up the first points to start off the game.

Highland answers back with a quick corner three from Jared Rollie off the bench to start off Highland. With a quick turnover from the other end by Highland, Jared scores a layup to add to his hot start. As BHS answers back with a three of their own, Zack Ornelas scores a layup coming off a fastbreak turnover. Highland goes on a 4-2 run to end the 1st quarter, 9-10 with BHS in the lead.

Quarter 2:

BHS scores a layup to start the quarter, but Lance Haworth responds by splitting the tight defense with ease — allowing him to score an easy layup! After a double tech was awarded to both teams, it sent BHS to the free-throw line. They missed their free throw, but they were able to get the rebound and score a three.

Highland responded by going on a quick scoring run with Karam Safa leading the way. He scored back-to-back baskets that forced BHS to call a timeout! Coming out of the time out, Zack dishes the ball to Mondo Castruita for an easy two. Their chemistry starts to brew as Zack throws a dime to Mando again as he makes a corner three to end the half. Highland leads in quarter two with 27-23.

Quarter 3:

BHS scores the first basket with an in-air putback and they score again on their next possession. Zack answers back with a tough layup of his own. After a three from Mando, BHS is forced to call a timeout to try and cool Highland down. Lance brings up the ball and crosses a BHS player to create separation and finishes the play with a pull-up jumper from the top of the key. Lance starts to heat up even more as he scores a tough and one-to-end half and secures Highland the lead, 38-34.

Quarter 4:

Frankie Cuadras started the 4th and final quarter hot, by scoring back-to-back layups. Mando followed that up as he ran the baseline and got up to score a difficult basket. BHS answers back with a three of their own, but that’s not left unanswered as Lance dishes the ball to Karam and he scores a layup while also drawing a foul that sends him to the free throw line for an extra point. BHS goes on a little run of their own by scoring back-to-back baskets with one of them being a three. They’re able to force a turnover but Highland’s defense stops them and gets the rebound to slow down the game with the score being 43-42 with a little under a minute left.

Lance sizes up the defense and creates space that allowed him to score a tough jumper. BHS responded back with a jumper of their own to cut the score closer (45-44) with 14 seconds left! Highland called a timeout to regroup and plan on what to do next in these final fourteen seconds, where lots was on the line. As Lance gets the ball, BHS quickly fouls him to send him to the line for free throws.

He makes the first one but misses the second one — leaving BHS with an opportunity to score. As BHS comes down with the ball they throw up a floater that missed! Aaron Torres comes down with a clutch and difficult rebound and gets fouled immediately. Aaron sinks the first one but misses the second one, BHS grabs the rebound but there isn’t any time left to get off a shot, and the final buzzer sounds. With the clutch plays from Lance and the rest of Highland’s team, the Scots wins this close and thrilling game that came down to the wire — 47-44! This was a great and thrilling game, super close as Highland and BHS were evenly matched!

The crowd goes wild in seeing the score of 47-44, congrats Highland!

Ashley Diaz, Photographer for this article.

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